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 ‘I chose a career in Mental Health because it’s stress-free”

                        – Said nobody, ever


And yet here we are.

Not because we want an easy job or a simple life, but because we are passionate about making the world a better place for people to live in. We are here to walk alongside others as they celebrate the small and large moments that make their lives worth living, and to grow and learn more about our own personal journey.

Sometimes though, we don’t feel like the poster-people for mental health ourselves and we wonder how we are able to walk the talk when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But: Know that part of being the poster-people is recognising that we can’t always be the poster-people. And that’s okay.

To help you manage your workload, and fine-tune your skills, here are some of our most requested professional development courses – click on the buttons below for more information or to register your place.

Peer Support in Practice

Amplifying Strengths

Motivation to Change


The Mind and Body Learning and Development Training Calendar for 2016 is available here.



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