New Zealand Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Peer Support)

This is a new qualification targeted at people who have gained strength and resilience from their lived experience of challenge and disempowerment and wish to support others with similar experiences. This new qualification will replace Mind and Body’s old qualification the Certificate in Peer Support (Mental Health) (Level 4) from 2018.



New Qualification Outcomes

Graduates of this new Certificate will be able to:

  • engage and communicate with people, family and/or whānau accessing peer support services in a manner which respects their socio-cultural identity, experiences and self-knowledge
  • relate the history of Māori as tangata whenua and knowledge of peer-whānau interconnectedness to own role in a peer support setting
  • display self-awareness, reflective practice and personal leadership in the context of peer support
  • work within organisational, ethical, legal and professional boundaries as a peer support worker
  • critically draw on own lived experiences to support people with similar experiences
  • establish, build, maintain and complete mutual and authentic relationships with people who have similar experiences
  • use peer support tools and strategies to support a person with similar experiences to develop and maintain hope, resilience, self-determination and autonomy.

Mind and Body Learning and Development is currently developing the programme for this new qualification so if you’re interested in doing it, watch the this space!



As we are still developing this programme we can’t answer all of your questions, but here’s what we can tell you:

  • The new programme will aim to be focused on peer support across a range of sectors – not just mental health and addictions. 
  • If you have completed the Certificate in Peer Support (Mental health) (Level 4) (or are completing it currently), it will still hold its status as a Level 4, 84 credit qualification.  The new Certificate will not negate this status in any way.
  • The new Certificate is a national qualification rather than a local (i.e. developed by Mind and Body) qualification.
  • The new programme will be 120 credits, meaning it will be a longer course with more assessment work, practicum/work experience, and in-class work.  As we are currently developing the programme, we can’t specify exactly what additions will be made to the material we have currently in the course.
  • Anyone who has completed the Certificate in Peer Support (Mental Health) (Level 4) may choose to complete the additional credits toward the new programme and thus achieve the NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Peer Support) (Level 4) should they wish to.  Please note that this decision will require further in-class and assessment time at an additional cost.